About TAAN

About TAAN


Shenzhen TAAN is a professional badminton line, tennis and other accessories line provider, founded in 2000. Owns two famous brands of TAAN and PRESON.

TAAN since its inception, has been focused on in the field of tennis and badminton line, line network Yu accessories research and development, and the world’s leading technology including thermal radiation treatment, biological treatment, soft urethane logic technology used in the manufacturing process. In the selection of raw materials, functional optimization, manufacturing process with Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other excellent manufacturers in the industry to establish a long-term close strategic partnership.

TAAN 16 years always adhere to the strict and efficient work style, continuous creative spirit and excellent product quality, develop quickly recognized the market in the United States, Britain, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Nepal; especially in the China market, win dozens of provincial sports team’s trust and recognition of the friends of the ball:

Tianjin tennis team, Henan tennis team, Bayi tennis team, Zhejiang tennis team, Hebei tennis team, Sichuan tennis team.

Hubei badminton team, Sichuan badminton team, Guangxi badminton team, Kawasaki international badminton professional club.

Peking University badminton team, Tsinghua University tennis team, Huazhong University of Science and Technology tennis team also have been equipped with a new network equipment of Taiang feather accessories.

In the future, will be in the tieon work for world tennis and badminton enthusiasts to provide high-quality tennis badminton line, line and accessories at the same time, also make more contribution to the health of people’s lives!

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